pub trait ExecuteWithClient {
    type Output;

    fn execute_with_client<Client, Api, Backend>(
        client: Arc<Client>
    ) -> Self::Output
        <Api as ApiExt<Block>>::StateBackend: StateBackend<BlakeTwo256>,
        Backend: Backend<Block> + 'static,
        Backend::State: StateBackend<BlakeTwo256>,
        Api: RuntimeApiCollection<StateBackend = Backend::State>,
        Client: AbstractClient<Block, Backend, Api = Api> + 'static
; }
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Execute something with the client instance.

As there exist multiple chains inside Basilisk, like Basilisk itself and testing runtime, there can exist different kinds of client types. As these client types differ in the generics that are being used, we can not easily return them from a function. For returning them from a function there exists Client. However, the problem on how to use this client instance still exists. This trait “solves” it in a dirty way. It requires a type to implement this trait and than the execute_with_client function can be called with any possible client instance.

In a perfect world, we could make a closure work in this way.

Required Associated Types§

The return type when calling this instance.

Required Methods§

Execute whatever should be executed with the given client instance.